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Silver White Studios has in it’s portfolio a growing list of web applications tailored to different target audience. We believe that we could improve the economic stance of many Nigerians, hence we build these platforms to contribute our quota to alleviate unemployment.


This is for the creative types. Mediasale is designed to facilitate the sale of all types of media. Audio beats, video, software, etc. In short, any digital media you can create can be sold on MediaSale.


Its one thing to be able to sell what you have been able to create, its another thing to be able to sell what you know how to create. In order words, a marketplace where you can sell your skills. This is exactly what 5kmarket is all about, all prices starting at five thousand naira. (N5,000)

These services (with the exception of PhotoSale, which has already launched) will be launching very soon. If you would like to be notified about the launch of any of them please subscribe to our newsletter below.