Grooming the future generation

//Grooming the future generation

Grooming the future generation

Web design and mobile App development skills in secondary schools! Really???

Did you know? That according to a survey by Jobberman Nigeria, a whooping 45% of out of all University graduates who participated in the survey were unemployed? A total of 41,032 (45.7%) of the 89,755 people who responded to the survey on said they were unemployed. A huge percentage is without any form of skills that could enable them become self-reliant and independent. In response to this worrisome trend, the department of Skills Acquisition and entrepreneurship of the National Youth Service corps has adopted Development of a standard curriculum for the in-camp skill acquisition exercise among other strategies for the Nigerian Youth. This is to help the participants become self-reliant and independent after their service year.

As a web/mobile development and digital marketing firm, we know only too well the importance of acquiring the right skills to become self-reliant. The sooner our Nigerian youths can acquire life-changing skills, the better for them as individuals and the better for the country too.

And so, it was a thing of joy when Mr Rasak Adekoya, principal partner at 360Connect reached out to me inviting me to come and train young secondary school students in web design.

The project was going to kick off on the 15th of August, 2016 and it was going to be in two parts: Web design and Mobile App Development. We were going to kick of the training at his alma mater, Babs Fafunwa Millennium Secondary School, in Ojodu local government area in Lagos.


The program, which was held during the summer holidays, lasted for 10 days. This, we figured, was an excellent opportunity for us to contribute, be responsible and to give back to the society that made us who we are.

The results? The students, at the end of the program, built the Ojodu LGA website. They also built a calculator for android phones.

In 10 days.

Skills are supper important. They are the only thing anyone can sell for money either as an employee or even when self-employed. Getting ahead as a country, as an institution or as an individual, we must pay utmost attention to the human resources we are extremely blessed with. The realities of our country and situation have also reinforced the need to get ahead personally by equipping oneself with a saleable skill or the other.

For the boys and girls of Babs Fafunwa Millennium Secondary School who participated in the summer training, their horizons have astronomically expanded. They can start right away to sell skills they own and start to create wealth for themselves.

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